new IT perspectives

Who we are

Founded in 2005 as a spinoff of an industrial group under the experience of professional minds, who share elevated competence combined with innovative thoughts.
Our goals have been to foster solid long–term business technology partnerships with our clients and to provide a creative and positive environment based on trust and honesty.
We empower our brilliant team members with the confidence to thrive and do their best. As a result, our clients reap the benefits of talented pros working diligently on their behalf.
Keeneight always encourages innovative thinking being a vehicle of knowledge and experiences.
Getting the job done and always meeting the customer's requirements while maintaining high standards is our mission, without touching the core of your business, just integrating seamlessly and evolving with you.
Our clients love to show off their Keeneight–created solutions, the Keeneight team has built a solid track record and reputation for providing these services effectively and efficiently.
Regardless of the size of your project, company, or budget, we are committed to achieving your complete satisfaction. When you want to upgrade or improve an existing system, build an application to meet a new business need, take your information to the web or mobile device, or develop a new software product to sell.
We are a great team, with passion for what we do, that’s why hiring Keeneight is always the best choice.

What we do

For sure every IT company must use the best methodologies, write excellent software code, build robust and advanced infrastructures.
If you are looking for an IT partner, Keeneight not only has the same skills but also knows how to apply them to manage your processes, setup a strategy to build your company IT culture and how to best support the growth of your business.

Keeneight, your best choice if you are looking for an IT partner and not just another IT company