new IT perspectives

Keeneight’s vision

In every new software project no matter if standard or custom, it always requires:
  • trust in your supplier
  • knowledge of what your requirements and targets consist of.
  • economical effort
  • commitment and time of your internal resources

This can be frightening and overwhelming and frequently holds companies back from starting to solve their problems and provide tools for their needs, but delaying can just make things worse

Keeneight gives you the option to make the first step: rent your software, no matter if it is standard or a full custom project.
First let's work together to solve your immediate needs with small investments but with higher productivity.

Did you already invest in an ERP or PLM, but making it work in the way you need has become too pricey and cumbersome? Are you paying big money to give away your specific knowledge to companies that produce horizontal software?
Keeneight will help you save your previous investments, using these tools for their core functions that are meant to fit every company, making them work seamlessly with our software, built upon your specific needs and business objectives. The rental options give you the opportunity to minimize your investment, putting all the risk on us.
Thanks to our concern for the privacy of the exclusive knowledge of our customers, we were always able to establish long lasting partnerships.

Software Development and Integrations.

Keeneight has built it’s success on a solid culture of IT management. The governance of our projects is delegated to project/program managers - also certified – with great experience. We apply proven methods and models, even though the approach is constantly updated, integrating design paradigms such as Agile or others. We also deal with the governance of projects carried out by third parties, and provide demand management and business analysis services. Finally, we assist customers who want to design their model for planning and managing projects according to recognized standards, select their project portfolio management tool and define the processes for continuous improvement of PMO practices.
Keeneight success stories:
  • Ferrari
  • McLaren Automotive
  • Comau

  • Farma3 - Alliance Boots
  • Milor
  • Gruner und Jahr / Mondadori