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Your IT identity

At first every successful software implementation focuses on process improvements and then on technology opportunities that can support the change.
Process improvements and innovations drives the functionality of the implemented solution, not the other way around.
Successful companies improve processes and software concurrently.
From a top down or bottom up perspective, what are the key processes strategic to achieve your targets? Where are the gaps between the actual process structure and the best practices? Where does standardization offers the greatest improvements? Where can we innovate to push your company ahead from your competitors?

Keeneight's three stacks of service:
  • Assessment needs: don’t try to change everything at once. First, from a top down perspective identify the most important opportunities for process improvements while moving toward industry best practices. At the same time a bottom up perspective provides solutions to the most critical needs. Very frequently companies are in a situation where they have no answers from the tools available. Keeneight is always able to immediately contain the emergencies giving answers right away to your company needs.
  • Sustainable innovation: turn your IT into a competitive resource, mixing consolidated tools and methodologies with innovative technologies, always ensuring that technology can support the necessary process change. Keeneight ties your process change directly to business values and organizational constraints, allowing us to safely guarantee all the services you need, innovating and giving a boost to your business.
  • IT identity establishment: this stage is aimed to establish your own IT identity, tailored on your particular needs and business challenges. Instead of a high startup investment with what is on the market today and will be totally obsolete, we prefer to set up a plan of small continual investments to always take advantage of all new upcoming technologies. With this approach you will always be ready to respond to the constant changes in your business.

Process Management

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Corporate IT is continuously changing, current systems must not only support single activities, but sequences of organic processes.
Organic means to consider as a whole the entire workflow of information and data integrating the processes that normally are managed by different disconnected systems (PDM/PLM, ERP, CRM, custom software etc...) This implies a big change of ownership of data: from being "properties" of single function that generated them, to property of all actors involved in the process.
Processes however are the dimension mostly neglected and backward in business today, largely functional and disconnected.
Our vision is a system able to link and integrate data between different systems and processes, in a fully seamless logic.

In every project Keeneight adopts a simultaneous two way approach:
Top down: the success of a project starts with the commitment of the executives. The project sponsor has to constantly explain targets of the initiative up, down, and across the organization to ensure that all stakeholders understand and commit to the vision for change.
Together with the management, Keeneight helps to set targets and decide what is the best strategy to achieve them.
During this stage Keeneight identifies all the key functions and processes that are strategic to the project success.
Bottom up: operative group involvement is as important as the executive sponsorship. From the beginning, all the stakeholders and employees across the whole company organization need to be involved. Those whom constantly use Keeneight products during their daily activity have to be involved as to create software and manage process in a way that is most comfortable. Every category of users need his own data perspective, with just the information needed to accomplish their daily tasks and always organized according with the workflow specific of their role. During this process Keeneight identifies the key users, analyzing their problems, gathering their needs and obviously listening to their suggestions.

These two approaches are applied to a three tier strategy:
Short term strategy: main objective in this stage is to take care of immediate needs, focus on all the possible improvements with the highest value for your company. Gaining the trust of all stakeholders is essential during the short term strategy to build a successful team
Mid term strategy: fill all gaps in your process and IT management focusing on what is your strategic know how. New developments, integrations and optimizations are performed to support the new processes, transforming your IT from just a service to an asset
Long term strategy: Keeneight can help you to plan a sequence of short term investments as to always be up to date with new opportunities avoiding obsolescence and without asking you special financial efforts. In the long run our choice between “make or buy” will always be to make what differentiate your company from all the others and buy tools on the market that satisfy your needs out of the box.

The ending result will be the creation of your company IT culture.
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